Prison Break!

 Photoshoot with Paige, West Carleton, Ontario, 2 Oct 2012.

Photoshoot with Paige around West Carleton, Ontario, 2 Oct 2012.

When I came up with a prison escape theme, I wanted to cast a model who looks as strong and confident as she does beautiful.  Paige, a fitness instructor, was already on my waiting list and was just the perfect combination of stunning and edgy. 

This concept was somewhat epic in scope (for me), featuring no less than half a dozen shoot locations scattered over a 200-km route west of Ottawa.  Sticking with rural locations, I aimed for a theme taken from the stereotypical vintage prison work farms of the southern USA seen in so many movies.  Obviously the appearance of my modern truck in the latter half of the pictorial upsets that a bit, but I had to work with what I had.

Pretty much every image in this pictorial was pre-visualized and planned months before the shoot.  This made it possible to cover so many locations and knit together the storyline well.  As it turned out, the shrinking daylight hours of early Fall prevented us from covering all the locations in one day, and weather and schedule conflicts have since conspired to prevent completion of the full pictorial before Winter.  As a result there is currently a gap in the storyline, which will have to wait until Spring 2013 to complete.  While I really dislike presenting an incomplete project, I'd rather share some photos than none at all.

All photos were shot using natural daylight plus reflectors, with many in golden end-of-day sunlight.