Diana's Day Off - Part I

 Photoshoot with Diana, Toronto, Ontario, 17 June 2013.

Photoshoot with Diana, Toronto, Ontario, 17 Jun 2013.

Back in the Spring I decided to put my house up for sale. With all the work on renos, packing, setting up realtors, etc., I had to set aside my photography stuff entirely. Toss in a major career move to a new job and I've only just now been able to return to it. During the summer I managed to squeeze in a shoot, however I've been unable to work on the photos until now. Thus why it's been 8 long months since my last post. :(

This shoot was with Diana, a favourite model of mine since our first shoot together in Toronto in 2011. This lady is so pleasant to work with and makes it very easy for the camera and I. :)

This was a back-to-basics portfolio shoot loosely organized around the theme of a day at the waterfront / beach.  The photos here are the first part of the shoot. The second part is the always popular swimsuit theme ;) and will be released in a later post when the images are ready.

My favourite vintage bicycle prop makes a return in this shoot (first used here) and is central to the theme of Diana getting around on her "day off". In reality her day was spent modelling her butt off for about 8 hrs as we roamed around the Toronto Islands. ;)  Luckily the weather was pleasant as we caught a break between days of thunderstorms. 

All photos were shot with natural light, supplemented by reflectors. The variation of colour treatments is a combination of me experimenting and trying to remember how the heck to use Photoshop again after 8 months away! :DFeels great to be back at it again!! :)