The Katerine Identity

 Photoshoot with Katerine, Montreal, Quebec, 29 Mar 2013.

Photoshoot with Katerine, Montreal, Quebec, 29 Mar 2013.

"In our work on the Jason Bourne file we have learned that not all test subjects of PROJECT TREADSTONE were men.  The subject in these photos uses the alias Katerine Malette.  Her real name is unknown, as are most facts about her.  But one fact is clear: she is just as deadly as her male TREADSTONE counterparts.  It appears she uses seduction to gain private access to her male targets (and at least one known female so far), and then uses wardrobe items to terminate them.  We believe that the sight of her reaching for her stiletto heel is the last they ever see..." 

I had been intending to shoot in Montreal, and with Katerine, for quite a while, and finally brought it all together on the Easter long weekend.  I checked myself into a vintage-style hotel in Old Montreal for two days of "boudoir" shoots.  Katerine was my stunning model for both days, and makeup was provided by the always upbeat Victoria Tiffany.  All shots used natural light, both outdoor and indoor (the room had two very tall windows).

This set is the first of several mini-themes that we shot.  It was only loosely inspired by the spy theme, and has given me some ideas to explore this theme more deliberately some time in the future. 

Recommended music for viewing this set is of course "I Spy" by Pulp.  :)