Winter in L.A.??

 Photoshoot with Tammy, Los Angeles, California, USA, 6-7 February 2014.

Photoshoot with Tammy, Los Angeles, California, USA, 6-7 February 2014.

My new job sent me to a two-week training course in Los Angeles back in February (for aircraft accident investigations).  "What's this?  Leave tropical mid-winter Ottawa for a paid trip to California??  Oh twist my arm, please!"  :DYeah you couldn't peel me off the ceiling if you tried!  

Naturally I made it my immediate goal to set up a photoshoot there.  Finding a good location was relatively easy thanks to AirBnB, and I ended up with an awesome lighthouse-esque building just off Venice Beach's popular Abbot Kinney Boulevard (which, near as I can tell, has cornered the worldwide market on hipster production).  Finding a model, however, was a different story!  You'd think it would be relatively easy in L.A., but it seems the clichΓ© that "everyone there has a plan" is true, and shooting with some random Canadian tourist is apparently not one of them!  :DHaving never been to L.A. I was also quite initimated by the place, feeling like some little small-town fish in a crowded pool of very big sharks.

As luck would have it, Ottawa model Tammy Lim was also there in L.A. at the same time, stopping over on her way to Australia (the lucky bum!).  Linked up and had a great couple of days shooting!  :)  Maybe it was too much Canadian content in one location though, because the weather outside was cold and miserable *and* the heating broke so we had nothing but the fireplace and a small electric heater (and possibly every blanket south of Beverly Hills). 

For better or worse, all shots were lit by natural window light, fireplace light, and occasionally the house lighting.  I guess I still succeeded in getting the place warm enough as Tammy seemed pretty comfortable posing in her rather minimalist wardrobe..., I love it when a plan comes together!  ;)  Welcome to L.A.!