Tina's Holidays In Black

 Photoshoot with Tina, Ottawa, Ontario, 30 December 2013.

Photoshoot with Tina, Ottawa, Ontario, 30 December 2013.

As promised, here's the second half of Tina's photo shoot from last Christmas / New Year's (here's part one).  Just like part one, Tina was prepped by makeup artist Natalie Peachy.  To better appreciate Natalie's excellent work be sure to check out the headshots in part one, as for some inexplicable reason there aren't many headshots in this lingerie set...  ;)

The storyboard concept we used for this boudoir / editorial glamour set has an excited model arriving home and getting ready to go out on the town, followed by a low-key second segment after coming home again.  The generally black wardrobe turned out to be a great fit with the apartment's decor.  The beautiful Christmas tree was just an added bonus.  :)

My lighting boo-boos that I described in part one continued in this set of course, however most photos weren't as problematic during the retouching stage as they were for part one.  All photos here were lit by the regular room lights in the apartment. 

Despite this being her first lingerie photoshoot, Tina was energetic yet relaxed and quickly gained confidence throughout our private session.  My technical boo-boos aside, Tina looks fantastic!  Merry Xmas!  :)