Tina's Holidays In White

 Photoshoot with Tina, Ottawa, Ontario, 30 December 2013.

Photoshoot with Tina, Ottawa, Ontario, 30 December 2013.

A while ago I posted a summery set with Tina where I gushed about how wonderful she is, however that wasn't actually my first shoot with her.  The first was a year ago during the break between Christmas and New Year's. 

Tina popped into my life via a pleasant surprise in my inbox one chilly December day.  (She submitted the Shoot Request form linked on my website, which for you models out there is the most direct way to get my attention.)  Not long after meeting her I found myself being whisked through every lingerie and dress shop at the local shopping mall as we picked out wardrobe for her shootβ€”not my typical day!  :D  

At the time I was still living in my now-sold "country estate" and was looking for a nice escape from it over the holidays.  Thanks to AirBNB I located a terrific condo to rent in The Market downtown.  Impeccably decorated by its owner, it featured 14-foot high ceilings with windows ten feet tall, and just the right touch of seasonal decor.  Between the great location, Tina's energy, and my first booking with the very popular and talented makeup artist Natalie Peachy, I figured I couldn't lose!

Regrettably I was to learn what happens when I plan for a natural light shoot and the weather doesn't cooperate, and I don't bring studio lighting as a backup.  I wound up with very compromised lighting for these photos and the retouching effort it has taken to get them to this point has been staggering.  I feel I haven't done Tina justice with these photos, however I hope you agree that she still shines through despite the dodgy lighting and colour.  (You'll note a few images are in black and whiteβ€”I found the lighting colour was so unuseable that I simply removed it all.)  I guess the hardest-learned lessons are the best ones!

Stay tuned for part II as Tina shifts her holidays into stylish black for New Year's.  :)