Hello Again, Angel

 Photoshoot with Angela, Ottawa, Ontario, 02 January 2015.

Photoshoot with Christine, Ottawa, Ontario, 02 January 2015.

Back in the winter I started the New Year off with a couple of quiet portrait shoots at home. The first was with model Christine Ford, whom I hadn't photographed in a few years. We didn't have a lot of time for this shoot however still fit in prep by the always-awesome makeup artist Natalie Peachy and experimented with some tricky lighting concepts. It's a small photo set, so here's hoping the quality trumps the quantity!  :)  Christine was terrific to work with as usual and such a positive personality to brighten a cold winter day.

As "soundtrack" for this set I recommend Hinder's "Lips Of An Angel".  C'mon, get those lighters and phones up...  ;)   

All photos were lit by natural light.